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Student Testimonials

Below are a few statements from current students. Read what they're saying about the Master Global Engineering Leadership degree!


"I knew that having a Master's degree would help me advance in my career, but I was not excited about the significant research associated with traditional engineering degrees. At the same time, a business degree seemed too far removed from my engineering interests. The MGEL program has proven to be the best of both worlds: A challenging study into advanced engineering applications, along with insightful instruction on essential business and leadership principles. The application requirements made the program very accessible, and the 100% online curriculum provides the flexibility I need as a working professional and part-time student. I immediately saw how the curriculum benefited my current job, and I am excited to see how the degree will advance my career."

Brian Hawkins
Graduating Class 2016


"I find the MGEL to be a challenging and fulfilling course of study. The MGEL program provides me with the right mix of flexibility and academic rigor to further my professional development. MGEL courses are an eclectic blend of complex assignments, interesting lectures and engaging discussions with classmates. The program’s mixture of technical study and business leadership/management provides me with contemporary instruction that extends beyond the classroom. And MGEL faculty have each served as a wealth of knowledge and are highly involved and engaging, despite the distance learning nature of the program. Whether you are an engineer or working as a leader in a technical role, the MGEL degree is a valuable addition to one’s academic and professional portfolio!"

Abdirahim Abdi
Graduating Class 2016


"I have been interested in hybrid technology for many years and wanting to get involved in the field. I had been looking for an online program for some time to increase my knowledge, and develop a new career path for myself. I chose the automotive engineering track because it was the best introduction to hybrid and alternative fuel systems currently offered in an online format. The online format is key to balancing a masters degree with a demanding full time engineering job and family."

John Van Fossen
Graduating Class 2016