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Technical Track Options

Students select a technical track consisting of courses that use advanced principles and the newest developments to take trained engineers to a new level of understanding and practice in their profession. Students must complete four courses in a track for a total of at least 12 credit hours.

Current tracks in the following engineering disciplines are available, or students can design a customized individual track. 

Automotive Systems Engineering

The Automotive Systems Engineering technical track prepares professionals with advanced skills in emerging automotive technologies. This track is offered by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) and the Mechanical Engineering department at The Ohio State University. 
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Civil and Environmental Engineering

A Civil and Environmental Engineering technical track is offered by the highly ranked Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering department in the College of Engineering. 
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Enterprise Services and Architectures

A computer science technical track in Enterprise Services and Architectures (ESA) provides a solid technology foundation with skills to operationalize alignment of technology components throughout the organization and meet business strategy and goals. 
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Radar Systems

Also offered through ESA, the Radar Systems track will prepare professionals in radar systems engineering to play key roles in innovative and challenging technical projects within their organizations.
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Welding Engineering   

A Welding Engineering technical track is available that provides a wide range of engineering and technology backgrounds with the skills to excel in materials joining.
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Customized Individual Tracks

A customized individual track provides an alternative for students to design a technical track that fits their occupation and career. A customized technical track must consist of four technical courses.
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