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Welding Courses

The Welding Engineering track is made up of four courses for a total of 13 credit hours.    


WE 7001 Physical Principles in Welding Processes (3 cr hrs)
Study of the application of physical principles in engineering of arc welding pro cesses and equipment. 

WE 7101 Welding Metallurgy (3 cr hrs)
Application of physical metallurgy principles to non-equilibrium thermo- mechanical conditions associated with welding in structural alloys and focus on carbon steels. 

WE 7201 Engineering Analysis for Design and Simulation (4 cr hrs)
Fundamentals of engineering analysis of heat flow, thermal and residual stress es, and fracture and fatigue with applications to design and simulation in weld ing and manufacturing. 

WE 7406 Welding of Plastics and Composites (3 cr hrs)
Theory and practice in welding of plastics and polymeric composites, including theory and analysis of welding processes, part and joint design, and process selection. 


NOTE: Additional Welding Engineering courses are available for this track.     Click Here to see the complete list.